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colloidalsilverColloidal Silver was used extensively until the late 1930’s by hospitals and health care providers. It fell out of favor as newer antibiotics were discovered. You can make Colloidal Silver at home for almost nothing, and the benefits are hard to ignore.

Don’t Leave Home Without It

A couple years ago I took my kids on a road trip. Daddy was out-of-town, it was summertime, and we were bored. We went to visit a family that was a two day’s drive away and stayed in a hotel along the way. Although their pool wasn’t the cleanest one I’ve ever seen, it looked OK and was impossible to resist because of the heat. That, and my kids needed something physical to do after driving all day. We jumped in the pool and had a great time!

The next morning we finished our journey and enjoyed country living all day long. We fed abandoned kittens, rode a horse, dirt bike, and 4 wheeler, ate a great meal, and laughed until our bellies hurt. It’s hard not to enjoy yourself when you are with great company!

By day three, my son’s ear was hurting. He complained a bit, and I kind of dismissed it. I figured he’d be OK as he’s always complaining about an ache or a pain. By the evening though, I realized I shouldn’t have been so thoughtless. A fever finally forced a trip to the emergency room because I didn’t have any colloidal silver and there are no health food stores in the middle of the corn fields in Illinois.

The doctor discovered a middle ear infection and prescribed amoxicillin. I took him back to my friend’s home and he progressively got worse. By day 5 we were back in the ER again, this time with a better antibiotic, which finally did the trick.

When we got home, I received a bill from the hospital. I was expecting it, but was hoping that my diligence in reporting the two ER visits would prevent the drama. NOPE. Because we were out-of-state and had visited the ER twice, our paperwork was a nightmare*Surprise, NOT* and the hospital and insurance administrators were confused. I’m not required to pay because we have insurance for just such emergencies. It took MANY hours over several months to finally work out all details, but finally we did manage to get the insurance and the hospital to settle their differences.

This WHOLE fiasco could have been avoided had I remembered to pack my CS. Colloidal Silver works WONDERS on ear and eye infections including conjunctivitis, but doctors don’t know about it and it can be very difficult to find. A colloidal silver generator is the most important thing on my packing list now. I won’t leave home without it!

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How to Make a Colloidal Silver Generator

Supply List:

  • Alligator Clips
  • Power Supply
  • Small Aquarium Aerator with plastic tubing
  • 99.999 percent pure silver wires
  • Distilled or deionized water
  • Glass double boiler
  • Wood that will sit atop the double boiler and wide enough for three holes
  • Heat source
  • Drill and bits

Supplies Pictured:
Alligator Clips

alligator clips

Alligator clips attached to silver wires

Power Supply

9 volt batteries

image from
Most do-it-yourself colloidal silver generators are made with this power source.

cordless phone charger

Instead of 9 volt batteries, I prefer to use something I can plug into the wall. This plug is from an old cordless phone charger.

Small Aquarium Aerator

Small Aquarium Aerator

This is a cheap aerator you can buy at Walmart for just a few dollars.

99.999 percent pure silver wires

silver wires

picture from
99.999 percent pure silver

drop of water

picture from
Distilled or deionized water if you can find it

Step-By-Step Instructions

1. Attach alligator clips to power supply.

  • Snip off the end that goes into the cordless phone.
  • You’ll notice there are two wires separated by plastic coating. Peel away about two inches of the coating.
  • Connect one alligator clip to one of them and wrap with electrical tape.
  • Do the same thing with the other wire and clip.
picture copied from how stuff works dot com

picture copied from how stuff works dot com

2. Drill holes big enough for the wires to slip through on your wood but if you can, make it a tight squeeze. If you make the holes too big, don’t fret. Just bend the silver so it won’t slip further than you want it to. Space the holes about an inch and a half apart.

3. Drill a bigger hole that the aerator hose will fit through.

That’s it! The generator is complete. Now it’s time to create a batch of colloidal silver!

If this all sounds too complicated to you, then here’s a good source to buy colloidal silver.